Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rescued From the Flea Market - Introducing Barbie and Bratz Yasmin

Two new dolls in this post, and, to be honest, dolls I don't think are very exciting, especially compared to Monster High and their kind. But if I am to sell doll clothes one day I should have at least one of each, or how will I know if my clothes fit them?
Luckily, I also get to practice doll mod techniques on these dolls, since there are plenty more where they came from - Todmorden Flea Market.

Tod Flea Market is a bit like the Inn at the World's End - everything turns up there eventually. I have found bakelite radios, netsukes, prop swords, bell jars and all manner of bewildering odds and ends. My Barbie-sized doll stand came from there, although whether it was originally meant to be a retort holder is debatable.
Clothed and nude Barbies are ten a penny here. Or more accurately, £2.50, so I bought the one with the nicest hair and the least-chewed feet and brought her home. Here she is in the clothes that I had that would fit her.
Yeah, this ain't exactly Gucci.
The top is part of a journey in itself that will get its own post, and the sweats are the Monster High PJ pants pattern by allicapri. The pattern is simple and easy to follow and it does indeed fit all my MH dolls - I believe it was going to get a matching PJ top, but I never got around to it. Maybe later.

Anyway, I did think she was a Fashion Fever Summer, but there's really no way of knowing if you don't have any clothes or accessories at all. Anyone with any information, please tell me, I'd love to know. She has a belly button body with click knees and her hair is streaked in two colours of blonde and dead-straight. And there is a LOT of it, holy moly. I think they could have stood to root this doll's hair a little less thickly, it's starting to look out of proportion.

There's not much damage to her, some kid's clearly been chewing on her feet a little bit, but it's not that noticeable, and now if I make something from a Barbie pattern and it turns out not to fit the MH girls, I know who it WILL fit.

For a similar price, but I'm not sure exactly how similar, I also found a Bratz Princess Collection Yasmin.
Obviously not actually royalty at that price.
I found her wearing, it seems, most of her first outfit from the Princess Collection set, plus the purple bolero from the second outfit. It made her, in contrast to Barbie, very easy to ID.

She also has click knees and, arguably, two more joints than Barbie in that you can turn her ankles from side to side, but her FEET come OFF. Besides the fact that that means I can't put her in fluffy socks or tights or slippers, this is something I find DISTURBING. Still, a friend of mine gave me a pair of Bratz boots/feet for her - calf high lace-up boots, so she has more than one look available to her in that department.

Speaking of which, that is not the hairstyle she arrived with. Yasmin is my first attempt at a boil perm. You see, Bratz hair is, it seems, remarkably sparsely rooted, it leaves huge bald patches on her head, so I thought that if I curled it, maybe that would make the bald patches less obvious. And if I messed this doll up, WELP, BACK TO THE FLEA MARKET.
Much better.
As you can see, it's a great improvement, and Abbey loaned her Music Festival headband to make it look even nicer.
So everyone's happy.

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