Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Emily's Christmas Present - An Outfit for Robecca Steam

I know, Christmas was three months ago. Better late than never. Last year, I gave niecelet #2 a Robecca Steam doll for Christmas, and this year I gave her this outfit, shown here on Abbey:
In fact that's not entirely accurate - I kept the headband and skirt, and the outfit had a pair of silver leggings, an owl hat and a shoulder bag that I never got a picture of, but maybe next time I visit my sister I can get a picture of Robecca wearing the whole thing.
However, we do have a bunch of other stuff that I can show you - the scarf is just one row of treble crochets with fringes on each end, so it doesn't need its own photo, but one thing you really can't see in that top photo is this: 
Yeah, this outfit definitely needs leggings.
This was a pattern from Pucchi Collective and you can tell just looking at it that it's a Blythe dress. I lined it with very fine brown knit and it closes with three poppers in the back - it has no trouble closing, although after what happened with the t-shirt from the same site I did widen the neckline on this one. But the only way this would ever work as a dress is if I added an inch to the bottom, so I'm going to try that next time and see how it works.

Maybe I should just stick to designing things myself.
This, on the other hand, I designed all by myself, largely making it up as I went along on a 'well, this should work?' basis. There was a LOT of swearing and pulling out of stitches.
It's not my first crochet doll jumper - it's actually the third, but I'll do a post on those soon. I don't even know what kind of yarn this was - my mother left me a lot of craft supplies when she went down south, among them a laundry hamper full of miscellaneous yarn. There was a LOT of blue, and a lot of little balls too small for hats or scarves or the like. Some of it was fine enough for doll clothes.

The charm was specifically because this is a Robecca jumper, the blue/brown/black/silver of the entire outfit was of course chosen with her in mind (and by god is she a hard doll to design for, bloody hell). Abbey is modelling it here because I don't have a Robecca of my own and, luckily, the same colour scheme looks remarkably good on our young yeti.

Niecelet #2 loved it, and in the months since Christmas has acquired a few more Monster High dolls for me to make clothes for - a Draculaura, a Clawdeen and an Abbey (more about that later). It's all so much *fun*...

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