Friday, 15 April 2011

Bats and finished things!

Firstly, what I'd like to say is: FINALLY! All the work I was doing for the Help Japan charity auction is finished. The keyrings are finished. The weather is crummy, so the photo leaves much to be desired, but they ARE finally finished.

The second bat is also finished. And both bats are off to their destinations. The keyrings are part of a bigger parcel so they have yet to go, but I have no more actual work to do on them.

I do have plans to make more bats shortly - a friend has commissioned another bat from me, and I want to make several hanging from a couple of sticks (a bat-mobile, of course - thankyou, I'll be here all night), but this is the last for a while, until its back to the squid.

But I have another bat to show you. Remember when I said I'd bought a bat netsuke from the antiques shop in town? Well, I photographed it for you - not a good photo, but I eventually lost patience and thought I had a better picture than I did. It's far too late at night for me to go down and try again, my hands are shaking like anything, it'd only be worse. So here you are - one more bat, with a very cute face:

Sleep tight!

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